Google Trends

Google trends is a plugin that adds a Trends Widget to your blog. It can be placed anywere as long as it's function is inserted in to the template source.

The used function is getTrends($nr,$before,$after,$islink);


  • The $nr is for how many trends do you whant to show up in your bar . Eq: 10
  • The $enclose parameter is for the tag that encloses every trend. Eq: li Ex:
  • Eminem
  • The $islink is the switch for the links. You can find the link target in the source code.
  • The $PostLink is the switch for post searching. If it’s set on true it makes the plugin search in the database for tags and words that match the trend title.

We updated to 1.2 to link directly to the Google Trends website instead of

2.0 Relesed!! – Se what’s new in 2.0 , here

The new php function for 2.0.1:
if(function_exists("getTrends")){ getTrends(10,'li',true,true); }

This plugin is really old,  so i am ending the support for it. There will be no more updates for wp-googletrend ! I’m sorry.

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