WP-BoxCast Bug

I have received a lot of mails about a suposed bug in the WP-BoxCast plug-in, a bug that will allow people to log-in in to my box.net music account.

It’s true, but you don’t have to worry, the bug is in the beta version that i use on darkx-studios.com. It does not work on the wordpress version of the plug-in.

The bug, that i have to fix but don’t have the time, is because i manage to bypass the limited bandwidth that box.net gives me.  But for that to work you have to be logged-in, so that box.net thinks i am listening to the music and not you guys.

I have a few ideas about how to fix it, but i don’t really have the time now. Don’t worry, the plug-in is save an secure, but has limited bandwidth.

Pleas don’t mess with the account, it’s not a hack.. and you are not a hacker if you do so, you are just an asshole.

PS: I want to thank all the people that noticed me by e-mail, yo were a big help.

Alexandru Neacsu

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