It’s pretty annoying when people that comment on your blog don’t have a gravatar. WordPress gives them a default picture, or if you have the plugin a geometric image.
Now, I’ve got another alternative: Their blog’s screenshot!! All you have to do is fallow the steps in install.

  • Feel free to customize the plugin.
  • Have in mind that this is the beta and I expect some bugs.

What’s new in 1.1??

  • Added urlencode() to the plugin so now you can safely pass variables to websnapr.com
  • By adding urlencode() i fixed the size bug.

What’s new in 1.2??

  • Added snapshots support to tracebacks using If().
  • Added an explode() function to parse long webadressex ( ex: http://site.com/site/site2/site3.html ) .

What’s new in 1.3?? – Nothing, i just fixed a big big bug :))

What’s new in 1.4??

What’s new in 1.5??

  • Preventing google bot and other bots from indexing the plugin’s folder and fixed the plugin direct link bug.

More good things to come, until then: You can download the plugin from wordpress.

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Alexandru Neacsu

Diplomacy is telling someone to Go to Hell in such a way, they look forward to taking the trip.
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