How to move your self-hosted WordPress blog to Blogger?

There are some side effects, you will lose almost all of your user data and tags.

  1. First of all you need to replace your export.php in the WordPress “wp-admin\includes” directory with the version that i made and can be found here. This will strip all of the post tags ( you must leave them behind because it will flood your blogger account with tags ). The categories will become tags instead.
  2. Now go to Tools -> Export in the wordpress admin interface and export the blog as xml ( if you have more than 50 posts, it’s a good idea to export only part of the data , blogger won’t import files that are larger than 1 MB [ but it will give the impression that it dose' ] )
  3. Go to and convert your file to the bolgger xml format.
  4. Go to Settings -> Basic -> Import Blog and upload the blogger xml file then fallow the instructions there. 
Known Fixes:
  • Blogger seams to be importing your posts but the posts do not appear in the “Edit Posts” tab? This is because you are trying to import more than blogger can take. Try to brake the data in to separated xml files and import them separately ( repeating the steps 3-4 for each of the xml file ) .
  • Some articles are looking weird? This is usually a problem in the conversion between WordPress understanding of html and the blogger html. Try passing the posts trough wordpad ( you will lose the links in the process ) 
  • Comments that had a picture in WordPress have no picture on blogger? Sorry, nothing to do here…
  • All of the post’s have the same author? Blogger won’t import multiple authors , sorry.
  • Where are all of the pictures? Pictures are not imported, but you can activate your missing file host setting in Settings -> Publishing and try to mimic the old WordPress upload structure on the attached sub-domain. ( i didn’t test this, yet )

Update 1 :

    It seams that you can do the same thing with an account but you first have to export the content than import it in to a localhost WordPress server so you can proceed with step 1.

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